Glacken University

Glacken University is a Shaklee training program designed to get your business off the ground.

A Complete Shaklee Training Program

Glacken University is One Important Element of our Team’s Success

Glacken University is designed to Empower, Motivate, and Educate. This 7-week training program comes complete with a curriculum guide (downloadable .pdf) and taught via recorded webinars. You can learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. When followed, this cutting-edge training program will give you the skillset to develop a successful Shaklee business.

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Learn from Sr Master Coordinator Jennifer Glacken

What Are The Goals?
  • To have a complete understanding of the process for building a successful Shaklee business
  • To learn how to present Get Clean, Nutrition, Shaklee 180, Youth, Get Clean Water, and the Shaklee Business Opportunity
  • To learn how to write a Vision, Goals, and Affirmations
  • To learn the follow-up process with members & distributors and how to effectively lead a New Member Orientation
  • To gain personal development
  • To have a clear understanding of the Dream Plan
  • To have a clear understanding of the Compensation Plan and how to share it with others
Who Will Benefit?
  • A brand-new Shaklee Distributor
  • An existing Shaklee Distributor
  • A Director or above wanting to duplicate
  • A person wanting to build Shaklee volume
  • A person wanting to develop a Shaklee team
What Is Included?
  • 1,000+ pages of materials in a .pdf format
  • Full color Health & Wealth Business Preview presentation
  • Seven recorded webinars
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If Jennifer Glacken is in your upline, you are part of the Glacken Organization and a member of Team Glacken! All Team Glacken members (including Team Cash and FT Alliance) qualify for a discount on the Glacken U materials.

To register, click the enroll button below.  You will be prompted to enter your Team Glacken login information.  Once you do so, you will be redirected to the order page.

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If you are not part of the Glacken Organization, that is okay!  You are still welcome to enroll in Glacken University.

If you are not part of Team Glacken, please download the enrollment form below and mail it to the address provided at the bottom of the form.  Once you purchase the course materials, you will receive an email with the .pdf of materials and the webinar recordings.

To further discuss enrollment options, click here and fill in the contact form.  Be sure to select “Glacken University” in the Reason for Your Contact drop down menu.

Download the document below and follow the steps to enroll.

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“Here are just a few reasons why Team Glacken is so important to me. Jennifer is one of the finest, most compassionate, supportive leaders and mentors you will ever find. She pours everything into her group. With her leadership, the whole group is always supportive of every new team member. If you ever have a question or a stumbling block, on either product or business, you will get the answer you need. Whenever this group gets together, I can guarantee you will be inspired, feel appreciated and ready for the next adventure!”

Bob Kofoed

“Glacken University works! Jennifer's proven process and training gave me confidence to build an organization. A step by step guide. I knew exactly what to do and how to do it. It was simple and duplicatable. My leaders have also completed Glacken U. They are strong and sustainable. I went from a struggling Director for years to a Key Coordinator. I could not have accomplished this without Glacken U.Toni Banner, Key Coordinator”

Toni Banner

Key Coordinator

"Participation in Glacken University was an integral step in the launching of our Shaklee business. Jennifer armed me with information and tools to help us start building a solid business. My confidence and knowledge of the products and the opportunity grew each week. All who participate will be encouraged, inspired, and equipped to take their business to new levels."

Christine (and Tim) Vande Guchte

FastTRACK Sr Directors, Michigan

"Glacken University is one of the main reasons I decided to add Shaklee to my current wellness business model. The comprehensive training program designed and offered by Jennifer provided me with every single detail needed to operate a profitable Shaklee business. The segments on personal growth and goal setting are skills that have helped me move forward in life areas beyond Shaklee. Glacken University is an ideal venue that we can all offer to business builders with confidence knowing that they will receive all the information they need to begin and run a successful Shaklee business."

Maripat Abbot

Shaklee Sr Director, Certified Life Coach, & Yoga Instructor