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Mind Over Matter: The Key to Building a Successful Business

When I first started working out, so many of the exercises felt impossible.

The tricep dips forced me to dip all the way down and touch my nose on the bar in front of me and then push myself back up using correct form. My triceps would give out initially!

Squats forced me to sit way back and use only my quads and abs to push myself back up. My legs felt so weak!  I would leave the gym with my legs shaking.

However, repetition after repetition, I got stronger. I had to “move” my mind out of the way and just do it. You have heard the phrase “mind over matter?”  Well, that is almost the opposite of what I needed to do.  I had to stop thinking each piece through.  I had to stop worrying that I could not do the exercise.  I had to “just do it” and get my mind out of the equation.

The key was doing the exercise correctly. No cheating. Now, I know how to do it the right way and I’m getting stronger and stronger each time. But, my mind still gets in the way from time to time.  Working out reminds me a lot of the work involved in building a successful business.

A Workout for Building a Successful Business

When I walk into the gym, my trainer has a list of exercises on the white board.  Sometimes, I look at the name of an exercise and immediately think “I can’t do that today!”  But, I stop myself.  I reframe my thinking and get back at it. 

I have always done the same thing building my successful Shaklee business. When there is something I’m faced with in my business or everyday life that seems impossible at first, my workouts have taught me to take it one step at a time. Do the steps properly and get stronger. Eventually, it will be simple…..well, ok, not exactly simple. But doable. And, once you master that level, you have to go up to the next!

If you find a business task overwhelming and your mind is saying you can’t do it.  Stop.  Perhaps say to yourself “I used to think that way but not any longer.” Decide to DO it.  And, get into action. 

Discipline is the Key to Building a Successful Business

Once you discipline yourself to just do it, the activity does get easier.  Tackle the project or pick up the phone and just do it. 

Sometimes, you have to go back to the basics and retrain yourself.  A number of times, I found myself using the wrong muscle with an exercise.  I would have to slow down, back things up, and correct any form challenges.  Then, I forced myself to create muscle memory by doing the exercise over and over again. 

In business, it can be the same.  What are you struggling with?  Do you need extra training? Coaching?  Ask for the help you need.  There are mentors and coaches who are willing to share advice and give input. 

I Can Help You Build a Successful Shaklee Business

My team motto is to Serve, Lead, and Mentor.  I take an active role in helping my team reach their goals.  The training, support, coaching and community are there to help everyone take the steps forward they need to grow.  Step by step.  Moving forward.  That is the key.

Become all you can be. Let me help you put mind over matter to come the business owner you can be. Call 847-508-2051 or click here today to get started.

Jennifer Glacken