Success as a Shaklee Distributor

Success as a Shaklee Distributor

When I was coaching a team member yesterday, we had a deep discussion on success which turned into a discussion on mind set. 

He had been on a call I did recently where I talked about “what you think about, you bring about.”  Well, he realized that he was thinking about all the things that were not happening to move him towards his goals and dreams.  He was not thinking about what he wanted to happen in his future.  He asked me how to change this.

How to become a better Shaklee Distributor

Sense of Urgency

When we don’t feel like moving forward, it is simply because we don’t have enough reasons to help stimulate our motivation. If only someone could just turn on the switch to power-up the sense of urgency… how different would life be?

   To begin living with a sense of urgency, it’s important to understand how it originates and manifests in people’s lives. Well, there are actually two ways a sense of urgency can be created. One way is forced upon you by external events, people, and circumstances, and the other way is created from within.

Glacken University


“Last night, I ran into a friend who works as a clerk on the graveyard shift.  He attended a program I did on the power of thought not long ago.  He mentioned that he was trying to create a vision for the future–but all he could see was cracked mirrors.   He asked me what I thought would cause that.  

I replied that the likely causes were watching too much TV (he nodded), reading the daily newspaper instead of positive books (he nodded), hanging around with negative people (now he’s nodding furiously), or all three.  ‘Busted,’ he says.

Name Your Year!

As we roll into the last days of 2020, I am hoping that many of you have taken time to reflect on where you want your business to be at the end of this year.  Did you hit your goal?  Were you just shy of your goal? 
It is important to do that brief assessment of what happened and what did not happen in 2020 – I should say it this way, it is important IF YOU WANT THINGS TO BE DIFFERENT.  If you want things to stay the same, then do exactly what you did this past year.

Four Enemies

Four Enemies

OK…today’s topic is going to be a fun one I hope!  The topic is four words:  rejection, deception, apathy and attrition.  Now, most of you are thinking that I am crazy!  How could those four words be fun?  When people are newer in this business, these four words (actually the actions of others) can derail their business and quickly.  Maybe you have heard the story of the FOUR MAJOR ENEMIES before and maybe you haven’t.  Either way, we are going to go through it this morning with some added commentary. 

I am going to tell you about the Four Major Enemies in a story form and then stop every now and then to add my comments and observations.