Quick Banana Cookies

Glacken Health Quick Banana Cookies

What to do with the over ripe bananas?  I don’t know why I always end up with one or two that I need to find a recipe for.  That is where this particular recipe came from.  I wanted a quick, healthy treat for the kids (and myself!) and there were extra over ripe bananas sitting around.  And, voila, a yummy cookie recipe was discovered!

Glacken Health Mexican Veggies

Glacken Health Mexican Veggies

My favorite Mexican dish is chicken fajitas!  I could eat those almost every single night.  When I decided to do a 7-day fruit and vegetable cleanse, I was struggling with a craving for fajitas one night and this recipe was created.  Now, even when I could add chicken, many times I don’t.  This dish is so satisfying and there is no need for animal protein at all.