Network Marketing

What Does A Career in Social Marketing Offer You?

This is going to be a bit long….had a creative moment before leaving for church!

So, what can a career in social marketing offer you?

FREEDOM: to be our own boss, work your own hours, and write your own bonus check. Most people either have enough money but not enough time to spend it OR have enough time but no money to develop a lifestyle.

INCOME: What does Beyonce (singer) and James Patterson (writer) have in common? They (or their estates) get residual income from the work they have already completed. Every time someone buys their product or t-shirt, baseball cap, etc with their logo on it, they get paid. They don’t have to go to work daily to earn an income. They did the work originally and years later they are still getting paid for it. That is true residual income.

RETIREMENT: Unless you have a business that gives you residual income, you are likely to be working until you are 65 years old. Oftentimes, people have to work way beyond that age because they cannot support their lifestyle on what they earn from their retirement and what they have set aside in savings, 401K’s, etc.

SECURITY: Most people assume they have security if they have a JOB. They bank their families’ future livelihood on that JOB. Unfortunately, we live in a world today where no one is guaranteed a job for life. As a matter of fact, resumes these days can be pages long with a person job hopping every 2-5 years. What happens if you lose that JOB? How does it affect your family? Are all your eggs in one basket or do you have Multiple Streams of Income?

TIME: Do you have the time to do all that you want to do? Once spent, time is gone. You can’t get it back. When you look back on your life, will you have spent your time doing what you wanted to do or will you be trading time for money?

Social marketing businesses like Shaklee offer you a different lifestyle. You have to put the effort in up front….I always say 5-7 years of consistent effort. Once you invest in your Shaklee business, though, you will have a lifestyle that others dream of having. You will have the freedom, income, retirement, security and time to do what YOU WANT TO DO!

Make the 5-7 year commitment folks. Be consistent with your activity. You won’t regret it!

Jennifer Glacken