Shaklee Life Shake

Making Daily Health Steps with Shaklee Life Shake

There are some days that the day gets away from you or you have too much on the plate. Does that ever happen to you?  At least, that can be my life! Too many scheduled items or maybe a few unexpected phone calls, can change my day quickly.

When I am running fast through my day, there are a number of things that get pushed to the side. While healthy eating could be one of those things that I push off to the side, it is too important for me to do so which means I have to be strategic and plan. Some weekends, I prep all my veggies; I shop, wash, chop, and store them for easy access for the upcoming week. When I do this, making salads and having veggies for snacks is super simple.  Even dinner time veggie prep becomes a breeze. As I write this, I am wondering why don’t I do this every weekend? But, for a variety of reasons, I don’t.

When I don’t do all my prep over the weekend, I don’t often have time to wash and chop up all my veggies and sit down to eat a healthy salad for lunch.  While that is my preference and a great way to get lots of veggies in early in the day, it is not always feasible.  When this happens, I do the next best thing:  a Shaklee Life Shake.  

Shaklee’s Life Shake is a complete meal replacement with 20g of protein, 6 g of fiber, 23 vitamins and minerals and so much more. It keeps me full for a long time and it is absolutely delicious.  It is the right balance of protein, carbs, fat and fiber.  On top of all that goodness, it is gluten-free, dairy free, non-GMO, vegan, low glycemic, and contains no cholesterol. 

You may be thinking, how in the world does it taste good?  Well, it does!  The French vanilla and rich chocolate are my absolute favorites.  They are so delicious, you can just shake them up in a shaker cup with water or an alternative milk substitute (or dairy milk!  I just happen to be dairy free.) Or, you can blend them in a blender and add all sorts of yummy things to the mix. 

My current favorite (which can change quickly) is French Vanilla Life Shake, water, ice cubes, frozen organic strawberries and ¼ of a frozen organic banana. Blend it up in my Vita-Mix and it is like a strawberry milk shake.  I actually crave my Life Shake every day!  It feeds my body in a way that I have never experienced from other meals I create.  While I try to eat very healthy, the Life Shake is made to have all the nutrients that a complete, healthy, nutrient-dense meal would have.  And, my body can tell the difference!

Jennifer Glacken